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Walking and Drinking in LUX


Bridges over the Mosel, Luxembourg

One of the bad things about my hotel is that it is in an office-block wasteland on the wrong side of the canyon of the Mosel. That means that going into town for food or sights or drink means winding past some new museums and old forts, down an escarpment (illumaninated by my cell phone during the return trip in the dark), through the old lower town and back up the other side past more fortefications. Come to think about it, that’s probably one of the good things about my hotel as well.  It meant that I did about 6 hours of walking on Saturday (including two hours wandering up and down through the low town trying to find my way up and out!!) and another couple of hours today. That’s a good way to offset the beer (a pint of Leffe Blonde, a couple of Leffe Brun, a Franzkaner, a Chimay Bleu and a McChouffe that I can recall.) But let me give a better idea of the landscape I was walking through. First, here’s what the lowertown is like. Part way down the escarpment there are woods and lookouts from the fort.

Green flowers on the escarpment.

Fort overlooking the Mosel, Luxembourg

Actually, if you squint, you’ll see the lookout tower in the fuzzy background of the green flower.

Fort Museum

More fortifications on the escarpment

Inside the Casements


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One Comment
  1. Laura permalink

    so it was 6 beers after all, eh!
    and if you want others to read your blog…you gotta give them the link!
    love that last pic…looks like ice and water…

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