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Up in the air….


Sitting in my bulkhead window seat waiting for them to close the doors and take us to Munich. Spent the whole day from 8am trying to get my stuff organized. We’ll see how I did. I have a new suit pack stuffed to bursting (which is probably not great for the suits) @ 11kg (too heavy for carry on I found) and my big backpack at around 15kg (probably 4kg of books!) Packed some good tea; didn’t pack any candy. Didn’t manage to reach Dad before I left. Finally left for the airport a bit after 4pm.

The Lufthansa check-in folks didn’t think much of my “Mic-Mac” ticket.  They told me I had to pay $50 to check the second bag and sent me to the ticket agent to pay. After looking at my RTW ticket, they decided that it all had been a mistake; I could check the second bag for free. (This after the check-in counter told me that I must have misunderstood the web site.) I also asked the ticket agent to check the baggage allowance on the rest of my trip; she’s says that I’m good for two free bags everywhere, but that I should ask them to check my ticket if I get trouble on check-in.

Security confiscated my toothpaste; 100ml is okay, but a 135ml tube is not. Then came Fido. I wanted to reduce my calling plans while I was overseas. Waited 25 minutes to talk to an operator. They offer to charge you $12 a month for zero airtime if you just want to hang onto your number. Bastards. It is such a rip off, I should buy shares.


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