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Time Zones have Eaten My Brain!


In a Novotel surrounded by construction sites in the sterile part of Luxembourg. Lunch was moules & frits & beer. Dinner was steak & frits & a different kind of beer. Luggage seems to be doing the job so far. Had a lunch meeting with the boys from HendyPlan; the junior guy is nervous that the book is due at the end of December and he has not seen any chapter drafts yet (in fact, the outline is not quite finalized yet.) While fretting over the fact that I am not as advanced as they would like me to be, they try to rope me into contributing to another project that they are working on (this is in addition to the project that they just had me join the bidding for) and on which they want work before December. Amazingly, I said no….no more than 2 extra days of work this year. (May Laura and Jan forgive me for what I do.)

Spent the next two hours wandering the streets of Luxembourg getting my bearings and finding a restaurant I’m keen to try (Chiggeria on Rue Nord). Since then I’ve slept, talked to Laura and juggled e-mails about Hendyplan, the FRB Philadephia conference, the QPot project, the fiscal data project and Costa Rica. Still gotta herd a few more cats before I can start ironing and working on my presentation for Tuesday. Did I mention that I’ve already got a lunch date for tomorrow with an old non-linear time-series buddy?


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