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How to tell Luxembourg from New York


So, the first clue is the architecture. This is the main building on Place Metz, which is where US General Omar Bradley had his headquarters in 1944/45 (Luxembourg is still full of streets named after American people and stuff. The main artery through the EU headquarters area is J.F. Kennedy.) This building is also where the European Coal and Steel Community (which eventually morphed into the European Union) was first set up in 1950.

The second clue is attitude. This is town of well-fed, well-educated and very well-groomed Eurocrats. It has the same kind of edgy, raw, street-cred vibe of Stephen Harper in a v-neck sweater. I give you exhibits A, B, and C, below. These are public service ads posted around town by the local government (the Duchy of Luxembourg.) The first was in a pedestrian underpass (presumably aimed at buskers) while the two others were in the window of a pub.


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